Windermere Kitchen Countertops

orlando-fl-granite-countertops_4_origNatural stone countertops add a unique and gorgeous touch to any kitchen or bathroom. They are durable, easy to maintain, and offer a range of colors, patterns, and textures. 

At Stone World, we are your go-to source for natural stone countertops in Windermere, Florida. We have a qualified team of experts ready to offer expert services and recommendations to help you choose the right countertops for your needs. 

We work hard to transform your living space with our beautiful natural stone installations. With over two decades of serving the Windermere community, you can trust our quality and professionalism. 

Some of our quality natural stone countertops include:

Quartz Countertops

One of the greatest countertop materials, quartz is strong and resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. Best of all, it comes in various colors, giving you a range of choices to pick from. It produces stunning countertops with a luxurious feel. 

Quartz countertops in Windermere make it easier to watch whatever theme you have in your kitchen or bathroom. Even better, we have lovely patterns for an even more customized interior look. For example, you can choose between our Quartz Pompeii Icicle and the Quartz Calacatta collection for an elevated and timeless look.

Windermere Granite Countertops

For a classic and timeless countertop choice, nothing beats granite. It’s a timeless material and adds warmth and beauty to any kitchen or bathroom. Granite is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Our granite countertops come in all colors, from earthy tones to vibrant hues. 

Our granite countertops also come in unique textures and patterns that will help you create a unique look. From our Absolute Black Granite to the Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops, you can choose from an array of shades and patterns that blend with any style. 

Marble Countertops in Windermere

Marble is a fascinating material with an alluring look that softens any space. It looks particularly gorgeous in bathrooms with its muted colors and elegant patterns. Marble is naturally heat-resistant and strong, making it an excellent choice for your bathroom or kitchen countertops

Our marble range has something for everyone. You will never find two identical pieces of marble because every slab has its own unique features. From the timeless Calacatta Marble to our Bianco Rhino Marble Countertops, you can choose the perfect countertop to suit your style. No matter what kind of natural stone countertops you select, they will add a statement to your living space. 

Luxury Kitchen Countertops

At Stone World, we are a trusted fabricator of stunning kitchen countertops in Windermere. We provide one-of-a-kind custom-made countertops to help you create your dream space with a luxurious kitchen. Our collection has something for your taste and preference. 

Luxury Bathroom Countertops

As a top-notch fabricator of natural stone countertops, we offer a range of the finest bathroom countertops. Whether you’ve just paid off your mortgage and want to remodel, construct a new house, or update your old home’s bathrooms, we have the perfect countertops. 

Our gorgeous bathroom countertop collection will transform your visual aesthetics with a chic and timeless look. And we understand it’s more than just nice-looking countertops. Installation and material matter, too. Our team of experts will offer guidance to find the best natural stone countertop material for your project. 

Contact Stone Word today for a free estimate of quality natural stone countertops in Windermere. You can call us at 407-341-4688 or leave us a message on our website. Our team will meet with you at home or business premises and walk you through the available options.

We are privileged to serve Orlando, Windermere, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Winter Garden, and Lake Mary, as well as the nearby communities.

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