Quartz Countertops Edging

quartz countertops edging orlandoQuartz in an already elegant material, but it can be even more special with quartz countertops edging. It’s not surprising that even though there are many different kitchen countertop choices, a large majority of those who are installing new kitchens or renovating old ones choose quartz. It looks good, is durable, and it’s usually less expensive than comparable looking granite and marble countertops.

There is only one challenge after someone chooses a quartz countertop; there are still choices to be made as the homeowner then has to decide between the many types of quartz countertops edging. This is actually a good problem to have because the right edge on a quartz countertop can enhance its looks even more. Here are some of the most popular choices in quartz countertop edging.

Straight Edge – The Safe Choice

If you are unsure what type of quartz countertops edging that you want, here is a good safe choice. As the name suggests, this type of quartz countertop has what can be described as almost a square-shaped edge. That’s because it’s very slightly rounded at the edges to prevent damage and injury when someone bumps into it. The reason it’s such a safe choice is that it will go with any style of kitchen.

Half Bevel – A Good Middle of the Road Choice

Here is one of the more popular quartz countertop edges. That’s because it’s subtle yet decorative at the same time. This edge features a small 45-degree angle at the top and other than that it’s the same as a straight edge countertop edge. This edge will also protect the cabinets below it because liquids will roll off it and be far enough out that they go all the way to the floor.

Bullnose/Double Bullnose – Very Popular Choices

These may be the most popular type of edges that are found on quartz countertops. You can think of bullnose as the type of edge that’s half mooned in shape whose open face points to the counter area. In other words, it’s nicely curved at both the top and bottom edge. This is another subtle but decorative piece of quartz countertops edging that goes well with just about any style kitchen motif. There are also double bullnose versions that have two half moon curves on the edge instead of just one. It makes it even more decorative than a single bullnose quartz countertop edge.

Chiseled – A Great Choice for a Classic Style Kitchen

When trying to describe this style quartz countertops edging think of a block of cheese. It’s very smooth on the outside until you cut a slice and expose the rough inside of the cheese block. That’s the same type of raw and unfinished edge that a chiseled quartz countertop has. This goes great in older, classic, and traditional kitchen settings.

Orlando Quartz Countertops

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