Proper Countertop Care & Protection

Proper Countertop CareIt is vital to take proper care of your kitchen countertops to keep them looking great for the long term. This includes a number of things, and all are important for the overall aesthetics and beauty of your countertops.

Here is a quick checklist of items to ensure countertops look their best and have the longevity that you should hope for and expect:

  • Proper Cleaning
  • Polishing as Needed
  • Free from Chips and Knicks
  • Free From Stains 

Proper Countertop Cleaning

Proper cleaning is an obvious one for this list. However, many people neglect basic cleanliness regarding their countertops, and it shows overtime. All that is required here is just making sure that your countertops are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. If you allow food or other substances to clutter up your countertops, then they will not look their best. And some food particles can harden and be tough to remove if it sits long enough.

Polishing as Needed and as Required

Many countertops do not require polishing, but some do. If you have stone countertops then your countertops might require polishing to look their very best. And it depends on the type of natural stone and also the existing finish. If you are not sure, then it’s best to have the manufacturer or your installer do an inspection and give you professional advice.

Free From Knicks and Chips

Making sure that you keep your countertops free of knicks and chips is as simple as being cautious around your countertops. This includes being careful in your everyday life, as
 well as when you are cooking and actively working on and around your countertops.

If you have natural stone countertops, then you likely will not have to worry about chips and dents in your countertops. But it is still highly advisable to be careful to protect this precious asset. For even if you have stone countertops, if you are working in your kitchen and using a hammer to install a frame, and you drop the hammer and the chisel end hits your countertop it can crack or chip even the most durable stone. So it is vital to always exercise caution around your beautiful countertops.


Much like chips and dents, stains can also be a very ugly problem for countertops. And much like natural stone countertops, you likely will not have to worry about stains even from liquids that heavily stain like red wine. As a matter of routine caution however, it is best to make sure that you keep your countertops free and clear of all liquids that can potentially stain. And if you spill a liquid, make sure to clean it immediately.

Think of your countertops much like the human body. You want to protect and nourish your body with good nutrition, fitness, and daily exercise to make sure your body stays healthy. You do that by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and working out in the gym as often as you can.

And you want to make sure your body stays healthy, but you also want it to look its very best on a daily basis! So much like taking care of your body with fitness and nutrition, protect your countertops with the same care, focus, and nurturing. If you do, you can be rest assured they will look beautiful for many years to come! 

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