Marble Top Table

Marble Top Table SanfordMarble is such an elegant and beautiful material that’s commonly used for pieces of furniture such as tables, countertops, and more. It offers a number of benefits that any property owner will certainly appreciate. Among the most in-demand products made with this material is the marble top table. You can use it indoors or outdoors as a coffee table, dining table, and many more. At Stone World, we receive numerous requests from our clients for different designs, sizes, and shapes of marble top tables. If you’d like one customized for your home, we are more than happy to help you out.

One of the reasons the marble top table is such a popular choice is because of its beauty and timeless elegance. It is a natural stone so you can expect it to be very durable. Your tables made with marble will certainly last for many years. In fact, many would attest that if the marble is maintained properly, it can even be passed from one generation to another.

You must remember though that marble isn’t perfect. It needs sealing every couple of years or so and must be cleaned to maintain its beauty and natural look. While it is fairly heat-resistant and won’t get damaged when you place hot cups of coffee or plates, a marble top table shouldn’t be placed under direct sunlight. Ideally, the table should be indoors or if placed outdoors, it should be in a shaded area. Direct sunlight may cause discoloration to the marble material.

Stone World’s team of highly-trained professionals can help you come up with beautiful marble top tables for your property. We can bring to life your creative ideas or if you already have a design in mind. We can also help you come up with your own unique design that would match the rest of your furniture perfectly. We give you the assurance that we use only the best quality materials and apply excellent workmanship at all times. Best of all, you can expect our rates to be reasonable without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Aside from tabletops made with marble, we also build and install marble countertops, kitchen islands, and many more. Stone World is available in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Deltona, Sanford, and nearby areas. You may reach us at 407-341-4688 for a free estimate!

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