Marble Countertops and Heat

Marble Countertops and Heat OrlandoIf you are getting ready to renovate your kitchen or are about to build a new home, you may be wondering about marble countertops and heat. That’s a valid thought because any new countertops that you want to install should be heat resistant to eliminate worry. Fortunately, modern marble countertops are among the most heat-resistant countertop materials you can purchase.

Are marble countertops impervious to heat? The answer here is no but it would take an extremely hot pot or pan to even phase them. So, it’s not something that you should lose sleep over at night if you decide to have marble countertops installed.

Why are Marble Countertops Heat Resistant?

Most people are aware that marble countertops are made of natural stone but not many people know how this stone is formed. Marble is made by heat conditions in the earth that produce temperatures somewhere between 600 – 1200 degrees. It only stands to reason that it would take the same amount of heat to break marble back down. This is not the type of heat that is readily available in most kitchen environments. That’s why marble countertops and heat get along very well in a kitchen setting.

Still, Be Wary of Hot Items​

Although when it comes to marble countertops and heat, they hold up very well, you still shouldn’t get complacent around marble countertops. There are some heat sources, such as lit cigarettes and baking pans that were in the oven for a long time, that can get over 600 degrees and start to breakdown or discolor your marble countertops when placed directly on them. So, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and do such things as place hot pans on pads and cigarettes in ashtrays. That way with a minimum of effort you never have to worry when placing hot items on your marble countertops.

Durable Marble Countertops in Orlando, Florida

Although marble countertops and heat are not exactly the best match out there, this stone material is still a great option when deciding what you want for your kitchen countertops. For added peace of mind, it would be best to contact a trusted contractor to help you out. At Stone World, we don’t only use the best quality materials, but we also make sure our workmanship is consistently excellent. For marble countertops in Orlando,  Winter Park, Lake Mary, Clermont, and the surrounding areas, give us a call! You may reach us at 407-341-4688 for a free estimate.

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