Kitchen Countertops You Can Cut On

Kitchen Countertops You Can Cut On OrlandoCountertops are made out of all different materials and some kitchen countertops you can cut on. The keyword here is definitely some. That’s because there are some kitchen countertop materials that you can severely damage or even ruin if you try to cut on them.

So, what kitchen countertops will not be harmed if a blade hits them while cutting fruits, vegetables, and other foods on them? Some on the following list may just surprise you.

Top 3 Kitchen Countertops You Can Cut On

This is by far one of the most popular countertop surfaces. One of the reasons for that is they are kitchen countertops you can cut on. This is a very durable stone material that can handle food prep if you choose to do that without a cutting board. The key in the wording here is ‘cut’. You don’t ever want to ever chop or pound foods on a granite countertop because you run the risk of chipping or cracking it. This is also one of the least porous countertop materials so it can handle just about any type of food being cut and prepared on its surface. Just make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly before and after prepping food on it.

Here is another yes when it concerns kitchen countertops you can cut on. Albeit with an asterisk. It’s another very tough natural stone material that is very hard to scratch or scrape with a knife as you prepare foods on it. What you have to be aware of is that much unlike granite, it’s very porous countertop material. What type of foods you cut and prep on Marble does matter. That includes staining type foods such as tomatoes, beets, oranges, lemons, or any other acidic-based foods. You also have to clean it up right away after cutting food on it just in case.

This is a manufactured style of countertop that is made very strong by blending natural quartz crystals with special resins. That makes it very scratch resistant but I will stop short of saying just like granite, it’s not an impervious surface when it comes to damaging it. The fact that it’s very porous means that you cut just about any type of food on it. Perhaps the bigger question is, why would you want to? Just to be on the safe side and protect your kitchen countertop investment and to do the most sanitary food prep possible, I would recommend getting out a cutting board no matter what type of countertop you have and quartz is no exception.

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