Is Granite Stronger Than Marble?

is granite stronger than marbleIs granite stronger than marble? Granite and marble are two of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Both natural stones have a lot of similarities and sometimes people even find them confusing to look at. Both granite and marble have smooth surfaces and they are both very durable too.

Since house design and interiors gained huge popularity over the years, more and more people are also becoming curious about the difference between granite and marble. Generally, they want to know which is stronger between the two, and which material is best for kitchen countertops, for the bathroom, and even for flooring. 

Granite, in most cases, is stronger than marble but other factors affect the durability and its ability to last for ages. Read below to know more about the two and about other options you may look at. 

Comparing Granite and Marble

Granite and marble are both natural stones quarried from the earth. While both look very similar there are also a lot of striking differences that are worth noting. 

Appearance. When you look at them closely, both granite and marble vary in color. Granite has a flecking and grainy design and appearance while marble seemingly has veins all over it. 

Durability. In general, marble is more porous than granite and is more prone to stain and discoloration. Regular kitchen activities such as cutting food and cooking can affect the appearance of a marble countertop. Granite, however, appears to be more resistant to scratches.

A popular type of marble called the Danby marble is deemed to be stronger compared to regular marble. This type is one of the most preferred marbles for household use. 

Cleaning. Granite is easier to clean than marble. In cleaning granite kitchen countertops, you can just use your regular soap and water. Marble surfaces however need more care and attention. A soft cloth is recommended to avoid damaging the surface of the marble and a cleaning product with a neutral pH level is also recommended. 

Other Options for Your Countertop Needs

Another popular option for many is using quartz for both kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity space. Quartz however is an engineered stone and is made from a combination of natural quartz and polyresin. Some quartz today is even made from a combination of various natural stones compounded together.

Quartz has a beautiful appearance just like marble and granite. It is also available in various styles and colors. Quartz is preferred by many because of its durability. It is even stronger and easier to maintain than granite. However, one less derivable characteristic of quartz is its inability to withstand excessive heat. 

Is Granite Stronger Than Marble? Here’s Our Conclusion.

Granite, marble, and quartz and three of the most popular materials for countertops. All stones, whether natural or engineered, are generally strong for household use. With their design variations and classy looks, granite, marble, and quartz make great countertops truly add a touch of class to your kitchen or bath. 

All three have their pros and cons. Choosing between them will depend on your preference and style. By carefully evaluating its characteristics, you may be able to choose the one which suits your home best. 

Is granite stronger than marble? Perhaps the above information already gave you the answers you need. Ultimately, if you want durable countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home or place of business, just be sure that high-quality materials are used and you’re hiring an expert, experienced contractor. If you are located in Orlando, Maitland, Sanford, Ocoee, Lake Mary, Clermont, or any of the surrounding areas, contact Stone World for the best quality granite countertops and marble countertops. You may reach us at 407-341-4688 for a free quote.

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