How to Clean White Quartz Countertops

How to Clean White Quartz CountertopsIf you are building a new home or refurbishing a kitchen in an existing one, you will have to decide on what types of countertops you will put in. Many people will consider adding white quartz countertops because they look so good but will also wonder if they are difficult to keep clean. The answer is no, but you will certainly have to know how to clean white quartz countertops if you decide to install them. Cleaning them is not hard but it’s something that requires an exact procedure to do it correctly and keep from harming the surface. Here are the steps involved when it comes to cleaning white quartz countertops.  

Step 1: Wipe Then Down

The very first step when learning how to clean white quartz countertops is simply wiping them down. This will get all of the surface dirt and other liquids and solids off of them. All it takes to do this step is to wipe your countertop down with a gentle solution using nothing more than extremely diluted dishwashing soap. If the counter may have grease or oils on it, then you will want your watery soap solution to be warmed up for easier cleaning. This will get most white quartz countertops clean because of the natural way that the resins in white quartz countertops seal out both liquid and solid particles that get on them.

Step 2: Use A Vinegar Solution for Stubborn Messes

If you have a particularly stubborn substance to get off of your white quartz countertops, then try mixing up a vinegar and water solution to use on them. This will help to free up stubborn spills and grime. Use your vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle for best results. By spraying a light mist over the entire counter area, this becomes an essential step when learning how to clean white quartz countertops. Vinegar adds a little cleaning power without doing any harm whatsoever to your white quartz countertop surfaces.

Step 3: Wipe the Counter with Fresh Warm Water

The final step when learning how to clean white quartz countertops is to wipe them down completely after undertaking the first two steps. Even if you did not do step 2 because your quartz countertop was not very hard to clean, you still have to do this step. Warm water works best when doing this final rinse of your white quartz countertops to make sure no soap or vinegar is left on their surface. Do this last step with just a damp cloth and a circular motion to help your white quartz countertops shine a little.

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