How to Care for Marble Countertops

how to care for marble countertops windermereIf you are the proud owner of good-looking marble countertops, then you may be wondering how to care for marble countertops? This is a good subject to be inquisitive about because although marble countertops are very durable, they do need some specific types of care to keep them looking good. Care for them is relatively easy but it’s not something that you want to put off for long periods.

There are three main reasons why marble needs some extra care to keep it looking great. This is because this popular countertop material is made of softer stone that’s porous and its high calcium content makes it susceptible to etching by acidic liquids.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

As was mentioned, marble countertops can be easily stained if acidic substances are left on them for too long. That’s why it’s best to be proactive and clean up any liquids that you spill on them. This is especially true if those liquids are dark juices, wine, coffee, or other somewhat acidic beverages. Be safe and clean up anything that gets on them relatively quickly just to be sure.

Weekly Cleaning

You don’t need to use any fancy chemicals or go to great lengths when doing a more thorough cleaning job on your marble countertops. All you need to do this is a mild soap solution and a little scrubbing and buffing with a microfiber cloth. You should not have to scrub overly hard to get them looking good. Be aware that vinegar-based and household cleaners may contain products that will etch your marble countertops.

Periodic Sealing

Here is a step that many homeowners overlook when it comes to knowing how to care for marble countertops. Because marble countertops are porous, it’s a good idea to reseal them. Do this as often as the manufacturer of your marble countertops recommends or when water fails to bead-up on your marble countertop’s surface. This will go a long way to protecting them from the damage caused by the spilling of acidic liquids on them and give them a small protective layer against light scratches.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Although marble is widely considered to be one of the tougher countertop surfaces, you should still take precautions to keep it the magnificent-looking countertop material that it is. If you are preparing food on marble countertops put down such acidic liquid catching aids ad silicone mats, plastic sheets, or wax paper. It’s also best to use trivets, pads, or other devices that will protect your marble countertops from heat damage when you place a pan on them. These small suggestions on how to care for marble countertops can go a long way toward keeping them in pristine-looking condition.

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