Granite Countertops for Outdoor Kitchen

granite countertops for outdoor kitchenMany people who are building an outdoor living space wonder about the feasibility of granite countertops for outdoor kitchen. This is a good question to ask because not all countertop materials will work well in an outdoor environment where they are exposed to some harsh elements. The fact is, many people do choose granite as their outdoor countertop material of choice and it’s a very sound decision that most homeowners end up being very happy with.

Why do homeowners choose granite much of the time over other countertop materials when building an outdoor kitchen? It’s because granite offers so many benefits to them as an outdoor kitchen countertop material. That’s why so many contractors suggest it to the homeowners they are doing outdoor kitchen designs for.

Why You Would Want to Have Granite Countertops for Outdoor Kitchen

Here are some of the main reasons why installing granite countertops in a new outdoor kitchen is never a bad idea.

Granite Looks Good

Whether people are looking for a good-looking indoor or outdoor countertop material granite is a great choice. That’s because this natural stone type countertop comes in a variety of different color options. Many people also choose it for the very distinct graining throughout it that gives each slab a very unique look. 

It can also be cut to size and have its edges shaped to enhance its appearance even more. Most people who know countertops agree that there are very few other suitable outdoor kitchen countertop materials that can come close to matching the good looks of granite.

It’s Durable

Another reason why homeowners choose to use granite countertops for outdoor kitchen settings is how very durable it is. It takes a heavy hit with a blunt object to chip or crack it even slightly. That makes it ideal to take the type of heavy abuse that is prevalent in outdoor kitchen environments. 

Part of its durability is also due to the fact that it’s very heat resistant. Do we recommend putting hot pots and pans straight off the stove on it? The answer is no, but if you do, chances are the worst thing that will happen is it will only weaken the sealant layer on your granite countertops a little.

Granite is Easy to Clean

Few outdoor kitchen countertop materials are easier to keep clean than granite is. Even when grease and other cooking grime gets on them, it does not take much effort at all to keep them clean. An occasional wiping with a soft cloth dipped in a light dishwashing soap solution will do the trick. 

Some people prefer to use cleaners that are specially made for granite countertops and that’s okay too. For those that don’t like to put a lot of effort into keeping their countertops clean, granite countertops for outdoor kitchen use make an excellent choice.

It’s a Low Maintenance Countertop Material

Some kitchen countertop materials have to be cleaned, polished, and have other maintenance performed on them monthly. That is certainly not the case with granite. Do not confuse the word low maintenance with no maintenance here. Yes, it only takes a simple wiping with a light soap and water mixture on a soft cloth to keep your granite countertops clean and shiny but they do need other periodic maintenance too. 

This includes using a specially made sealant on them to keep oils and other liquids to be able to penetrate them and discolor them. Granite outdoor kitchen countertop sealing usually needs to be undertaken just once or twice a year. This step will also help prevent this type of countertop material from becoming weathered looking over time.

Other Decent Outdoor Countertop Material Choices

Although many people are very happy when they choose to install granite countertops for outdoor kitchen settings, some may still not be convinced that it’s the right outdoor kitchen countertop material for them. That’s fine because other materials make for good outdoor kitchen countertops too. This list includes:

Concrete Countertops

This is one of the more affordable types of countertop material that is suited for outdoor use. Its looks cannot come close to matching that of granite and it also tends to crack easily if not well supported underneath it.

Quartz Countertops

Here is an outdoor kitchen countertop material that can go to toe with the looks of granite. You do have to be careful about getting acidic liquids such as wine and tomato sauce on it and many times, it is more expensive than granite countertop material.

Tile Countertops

This is another popular outdoor kitchen countertop style that is a little more budget-friendly. Its durability and looks are not in the same category as granite and broken or cracked tiles can be tough to match up when needing to replace them.

High-Quality Granite Countertops in Lake Mary, FL

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