Applications and Uses for Granite

Granite OrlandoSome people think that granite has only one application in a home, and that is for granite countertops. However, granite has many applications in your home, and all will add extraordinary elegance and warmth to any room or outside space where granite is installed. So never assume that the best and only application for beautiful granite natural stone is your countertops, or you will really be missing out! Granite Orlando applications will transform an average home living space to stunning and extraordinary, and at Stone World we have endless options to achieve amazing results!

Some of the applications that you should consider for granite are as follows:

When used in various applications, granite will add the same richness and elegance as when installed in your kitchen. Most people know that when you go from a laminate countertop that is not aesthetically appealing and maybe even all scratched up, to a granite countertop it is a complete game changer. It will absolutely transform an average kitchen to a level of beauty that will take your breath away!


You will achieve the same transformation when you install gorgeous granite stone in other applications in your home or outside area. And you will also realize that many durability benefits that granite brings into play. So if you have an outside bar on your pool deck with a dated and damaged bar top, a granite top will totally change the look and feel of your bar area make it the centerpiece for poolside entertainment. And as importantly, you now have a durable stone to withstand the outdoor elements.


The same goes for a dining room table or a family area table. Adding a granite top table to these rooms suddenly adds regal beauty, and simply radiates a different feeling entirely for the room. And granite comes in so many colors that you will never have a problem matching your existing decor and blending things for an extraordinary look and appeal.

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And nothing can add value and aesthetic appeal to a staircase like granite. It can take a very average staircase that looks dated or even worn, and instantly make it extravagant and lovely. There are many options for granite Orlando that you could and should consider to transform your living space make any average home truly exceptional.

So for granite Orlando applications or to learn about our natural stone services, contact Stone World at 407-341-4688 for a free quote or free consultation. We love to transform homes with stunning natural stone installations!

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