Cambria Brittanicca

Cambria Brittanicca Countertops Orlando

If you’re looking for light-colored kitchen countertop options similar with marble but stronger and longer lasting, then Cambria Brittanicca might just be the material you need. Its creamy marble background with white and charcoal flowing speckles and vein design makes it a simple yet truly elegant countertop of choice for kitchens or even bathrooms.

Cambria quartz countertops offer plenty of advantages over other countertop types. It is non-porous so you can expect it to be resistant to stain. It also doesn’t easily absorb or harbor viruses and other harmful bacteria. This characteristic is especially important in the kitchen because you’d want your countertops to be as clean as possible when you use it to prepare your family’s meals. And yes, it is very easy to clean and maintain too!

The Strength of Cambria Brittanicca Countertops

Did you know that Cambria countertops are about twice the strength of granite countertops? Cambria countertops, including the Cambria Brittanicca, is made with 93% pure white quartz. Pure quartz is a very hard and durable material. It is combined with only 7% of pigment and resin.

In fact, Cambria is compared to diamonds with its level of hardness. It is definitely stronger compared to granite or marble, which are durable materials for countertops, too.

Cambria Countertops Orlando

Add Value to Your Home with Cambria Countertops

Whether you are building a kitchen for your new home or you’re remodeling an existing kitchen, your choice of countertops matters greatly. Your kitchen countertops play a crucial role in setting the mood and style of your kitchen. They affect the aesthetics and overall appearance of your kitchen. Furthermore, you’d want countertops that are strong enough to last for many years with little maintenance required.

Cambria Brittanicca is considered one of the strongest, most beautiful, and elegant choices for kitchen countertops. It is a wise choice because countertops as durable and stunning as this add value to your home. It is definitely a great investment.

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Stone World installs a wide range of quartz and Cambria quartz countertops including the in-demand Cambria Brittanicca. If you’re considering this for your kitchen makeover, do not hesitate to give us a call so we can help you out. Stone World installs kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and more in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, Deltona, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team at 407-341-4688 to request an estimate.

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