What Is The Most Expensive Countertop In Orlando?

Expensive Countertop Getting the perfect countertop for your kitchen can be quite a task. There are many stones to choose from, each in various shades and prices. Some countertops can cost as much as $200, and that’s without factoring in other expenses such as cost.

Read on to discover what is the most expensive countertop in Orlando.


Marble is the most expensive countertop in Orlando. The average cost of a square foot of the precious stone is between $75 and $250. Having a professional install a Marble countertop will cost you roughly $60 to $100 per square foot.

Types of Marble Countertops

1. Calacatta

Calacatta is at the top of the list in terms of cost. It comes from Carrara quarry in Italy, the only source worldwide. This attribute is the sole reason it’s so expensive. Calacatta marble also has a defining feature: its veining. It comes in vivid hues and shades such as grey and gold.

2. Carrara 

Carrara is the most common type of marble, primarily because of its affordability. It comes in different shades, such as gold and white, usually with grey veining.

Carrara marble countertops retail at roughly$40 per square foot.

Why You Should Get Marble Countertops

Plenty of homeowners prefer marble countertops despite their hefty prices. Here’s why:

  • They are durable: marble is one hardy stone. It’s more resistant to chipping and scratching compared to other countertops.
  • They are heat-resistant: marble countertops are perfect for cooking and baking enthusiasts. The stone stays cool throughout, nor does it melt, burn or stain when exposed to heat. However, avoid placing hot pans directly onto the countertop to preserve the finish.
  • They have a beautiful aesthetic: Marble comes in a range of colors such as white, black, and rose. These shades are naturally elegant, adding a classic element to your kitchen.
  • Malleability: marble is a relatively easy stone to cut and shape, making it easier to install. You can have it installed in a variety of edge designs, including bevel, chisel, and waterfall.


Marble countertops are the most expensive in Orlando. Not only are they durable, but they are also highly malleable, making them easy to work with. They add a touch of class to your kitchen, giving it an overall elegant look and feel.

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