What are the Main Colors for Granite Countertops?

Main Colors for Granite CountertopsGranite is fast becoming a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops. They are durable hence a good return on investment. Unlike marble and quartz, granite seems everlasting, with high resistance to scratches and stains.

But perhaps the most eye-catching detail of this igneous rock is its multifaceted coloration. These colors stem from mineral elements coalesced within the rock’s structure. Whether you prefer white, black, brown, or even salmon pink, granite has a shade for you. Here is a quick sneak peek into the main colors for granite countertops.

1. Black granite countertops

Black granite is the epitome of elegance for countertops as it naturally contains a high percentage of pyroxene and plagioclase compounds. It comes in various shades, including Uba Uba (from Brazil), black pearl, and black galaxy granites.

The color blends in well with brown wooden cabinets, while white or gray cabinets will give it a classic complement.

Black granite countertops are also ideal for spacious kitchen spaces with ample natural lighting. The silver specs within the granite structure catch the light, releasing a spectacular reflection.

2. White granite countertops

White granite countertops go into almost all kitchen settings. It carries an aura of modernity that produces a fresh, clean, and open-feel kitchen. Additionally, white blends effortlessly with silver kitchenware and white cabinets.

Unfortunately, unlike marble or quartz, pure white granite is hard to find, and you may have to settle for a shade of white. If unsure of the colors, you can take several samples home to have the feel.

The tiny brown specs and black veins cutting through the white granite give it a unique artistic appearance. The following hues of white granite are available:

  • Bianco antico granite
  • Moon white granite
  • River white granite

3. Brown granite countertops

Brown granite countertops offer a more earthy appearance. The gold and brown colors finely blend to give you various remodeling options. You could go for Baltic brown, New Venetian Gold, or tan brown.

Tan brown goes well with dark wooden furniture, while rich dark brown goes better with lighter cabinet colors. The gold-brown colors give your spaces a rustic and warm taste.

4. Gray granite countertops

Gray gives you a middle option between black and white without losing elegance. It can represent both classic and modern vibes, depending on your cabinet colors and furniture designs.

Gray granite is your best fit if you want something to add a welcoming, homey ambiance to your living space.

Granite comes in almost infinite shades. Getting the right color that matches your kitchen or bathroom spaces is easier.

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