Marble CountertopMarble countertops are a great way to decorate your kitchen in a practical, aesthetic way. They are elegant, timeless, and will always remain in style throughout your home life.  They resist heat and are perfect for cooking as the stone is very durable. Though there are several advantages of using marble countertops, it also has some drawbacks which includes, scratching, chipping, and staining.

Marble tends to get more wear and tear because it is a softer stone. Marble is a comparatively low priced stone, which looks really beautiful. Natural marble is famous for its color and luxury touch, comfort from cold stone, and durability. They are also available in a wide variety of finishes to improve the look of your kitchen from old-style to contemporary.

Polished marble results in a smooth, glossy, shiny surface, making the look of the polished marble quite stunning. Polishing improves the marble’s charm and makes it less absorbent, but it will cut and can be fixed with acid materials.

Marble can also be finished with a leather surfaced finish. They are generally used with darker colors, as the leather surface builds a raised surface on improved marble. The leather style marbles are not reflective and smears are not as visible. Sharpened marble has a dull, matte wrap up. Sharpened marble does not indicate scratches and wear as effectively as cleaned marble, however the sharpening procedure makes the marble more permeable and more vulnerable to retaining fluids.

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