Travertine Countertops

Travertine CountertopsAre you familiar with travertine countertops? It is the emerging trend in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Travertine is actually a variety of limestone that is formed through deposits in mineral springs. It is then carefully combined with cement and then to get a more uniform look, it is polished and smoothed. Why is it becoming more popular in American homes? We can give you a few reasons:

  • Elegance. The smoothness of this natural stone has that soft and velvety feel that can catch anybody’s attention. It adds a certain class and prestige to your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Durability. Travertine is designed to endure several types of damages like scratches, cracks and chips. Although, there may be a possibility of certain effects on the stone over time. It would be good to note that natural-finish are more likely to resist any type of damage as opposed to polished or honed.
  • Affordability. Travertine countertops are cheaper than granite or marble countertops. For those who prefer natural stone over other materials, this is a good option if you are on a tight budget.
  • Color Choice. It comes in earthy and warm shades like gold, cream, and beige, among others. Regardless of your choice in color, travertine can add a classic and timeless touch to your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Long-lasting. If maintained well, travertine can literally last a lifetime. This means you only need to spend on a countertop one time and have it last until you grow old.

Stone World is a professional at natural stone countertop installation which includes installing travertine countertops. We are the leading company in our industry as we take pride in the relationships we have built with our clients and the high quality of service we provide. We serve the Winter Park, Clermont, Altamonte Springs, Deland and other surrounding Orlando communities.

If you are in the area and are looking into remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and you want to know more about travertine or any other natural stone, please allow Stone World to assist you. You can contact us at 407-341-4688. We’d love to hear from you!