The Most Popular Colors for Quartz Countertops

Granite Top End Tables Lake MaryWhether you’re remodeling your kitchen or designing a new home, quartz countertops are popular thanks to their durability and a wide variety of stunning color options.  

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular quartz colors used in Orlando homes today.

White Quartz

White remains the most popular color choice for quartz countertops. With its clean, bright appearance, white quartz works well in any kitchen style—from traditional to modern. White quartz is a timeless pick that won’t go out of style. It also helps make a space feel more open and airy. Some popular white quartz options include Dekton’s Whitecore and Cambria’s Pure White.

Gray Quartz

Gray quartz colors have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. Cool gray tones provide warmth while still feeling fresh and contemporary. Grays pair beautifully with popular cabinetry colors like navy, charcoal, or greige. Popular gray quartz includes Dekton’s Inatum and Caesarstone’s Avenza Concrete.

Black Quartz

For a dramatic and ultra-modern look, black quartz cannot be beaten. It creates a sleek, luxurious aesthetic and hides fingerprints and spills better than lighter colors. Black also masks seams and imperfections. The downside is that it can feel dark and heavy in smaller spaces. Popular black quartz options include Silestone’s Black Pearl and Cambria’s Black Star.

Calacatta Quartz

Calacatta quartz aims to mimic the look of luxurious Calacatta marble. Veined with swirls of light and dark grays, Calacatta comes across as elegant and glamorous. It’s trendy for high-end remodels. Quality Calacatta options include Cambria’s Calacatta Nuvo and Dekton’s Calacatta Gold.

Beige Quartz

Earthy beige tones never seem to go out of style in the kitchen. Beige complements wooden and neutral cabinetry beautifully. It creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Beige quartz countertops maintain their appeal over time with little maintenance. Popular beige quartz includes Dekton’s Arga and Caesarstone’s Concrete.

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