Soapstone Countertops for Your Kitchen

Soapstone Countertops Orlando FLWhen deciding on the natural stone material you want for countertops in your kitchen, the ones that must have surely crossed your mind are granite, quartz or marble. However, there’s one more that you should definitely consider – soapstone countertops.

Soapstone may not be as famous as these other more well-known kitchen countertops, but it is definitely gaining popularity among homeowners. It is the perfect choice if you’re torn between granite and marble. It has the darkness of granite and those pretty natural veining and lines of marble. Usually available in shades of grey, another top choice are black soapstone countertops.

Just like other natural stone materials, soapstone offers a number of advantages that not a lot of homeowners should know about. These advantages are truly beneficial especially if you use soapstone for your kitchen.

1. Soapstone is simply beautiful.

As earlier mentioned, soapstone is the ideal choice when you want the darkness of granite but you also love the veining of marble. Other than the more common black and dark grey shades, others are able to source soapstone colors that are very light so that it’s very close to white, bluish grey and even green.

2. Soapstone is fairly durable.

You must know that soapstone is not as durable as granite, but it isn’t weak either. It is quite soft so you must always use a chopping board when preparing ingredients on your soapstone countertops. But it is less brittle or more pliable. It doesn’t crack should you be placing very heavy objects on top of it.

3. Soapstone is easy to maintain.

It is a very non-porous material, which means that soapstone is more stain-resistant compared to other natural stones. It is sanitary and very easy to clean – simply use mild soap and a clean rag. It doesn’t absorb harmful bacteria, too, which is essential in the kitchen especially if you like cooking and preparing ingredients on your countertop. Best of all, it doesn’t require any sealing in the future unlike materials like granite.

Soapstone is a very good choice when you’re looking for a low-maintenance natural stone material for your kitchen countertops. It may not be as durable as granite and not as many color choices as quartz, but it has plenty of great advantages too. With soapstone, you are definitely on your way to a trendy and very beautiful kitchen countertop.

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