Sealer for Granite

Sealer for GraniteWhen it comes to granite, it has become a constant debate whether to seal it or not. First of all, what is sealing? Sealing is the process of treating the surface of a natural stone to prevent it from being stained or corroded. Granite can absorb liquids but when it is sealed, the sealant slows down the absorption process and gives you more time to wipe of the mess. However, please take note that a sealant does not make your stone impenetrable. It just helps protect it.

Should granite be sealed? The answer is, it depends. The general opinion is that it should be. However, there are specific types of granite does not necessarily need to be sealed. There are certain types of granite that are naturally so compact that it already makes it difficult for liquids to penetrate.  However, some opt to seal all their granite for added protection.

So ultimately, the question of whether to seal or not to seal is a decision we leave for our clients to decide. We, at Stone World, don’t have a blanket recommendation for granite because it really all comes down to the specific type used. We believe in the personalized approach where in we like to sit down and discuss with our clients the pros and cons of sealing the granite they are using before giving our recommendation.

So, if you are confused as to whether sealing your granite is a good or bad idea or if you are planning to use granite for your next home remodeling please give us a call and our team would be happy to assist you with your concerns. We offer our services in Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Groveland, Clermont and surrounding Orlando communities.

It is always better to make an informed decision. Granite is an investment and if properly maintained it can last for many years.  Please allow us to help you maintain and preserve your granite to make it last for generations. Call us at 407-341-4688.