Quartz vs. Granite: Which One Is Better?

Quartz and Granite are some of the best countertop materials for your kitchen and bathroom. Both provide unique properties and qualities that make them appealing for various renovation projects.

But which one is the better option? Here, we’ll briefly discuss the main differences between quartz and granite countertops. You will get to know how these materials look, their properties, and how to decide which is better for you.

But first…

What Are Granite And Quartz?

Granite is a beautiful hard stone mined from quarries. It gets cut to a manageable size and polished until it has a fine glossy surface.

Quartz is not a naturally existing stone. It is a combination of natural ground quartz glued together using polymer resin to create customizable slabs. While it’s industrial-made, Quartz makes up 95%, and the resins make up the other 5%.

So, what is the difference? Keep reading to find out.

1. Appearance

Quartz vs. GraniteGranite

Granite is typically known for its numerous unique patterns and color combinations. No granite slabs are alike, with some having bold, vibrant colors to subtle earth tones. This uniqueness results from its formation (the cooling and solidification of molten material).

With such a variety of stunning appearances, there is almost a limitless selection of Granite.


Although the production of Quartz occurs in factories, it still comes in various styles and colors. Indeed their explosion in popularity is a result of their beautiful appearance miming natural stone.

Furthermore, Quartz has the advantage of allowing homeowners to customize the design. Unlike Granite, where you have to find your ideal style, you can alter Quartz to create a unique look.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

Is Granite Environmentally Friendly

Extraction of Granite generally involves quarrying, which uses large amounts of energy. Furthermore, there will be considerable transportation if you buy high-end slubs from places like Italy. These aspects make Granite a less environmentally friendly option.

Is Quartz Environmentally Friendly

The production of Quartz is energy-intensive but does not involve quarrying. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly than Granite.

In recent years the production process has also improved, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Moreover, local production of Quartz considerably reduces transportation and the emissions involved.

3. Maintenance


On the maintenance front, Granite is a little more demanding. You must clean daily with a household cleaner or water and soap. It also needs resealing once a year to ensure longevity.

Furthermore, note that some acids and oils can stain your Granite. Therefore, avoid scrubbing and spilling as much as possible.


Quartz countertops are generally considered the low-maintenance option. You must wipe down your countertops with a cloth, warm water, and soap. However, there is no need for resealing since Quartz has a solid surface.

4. Durability


Granite is a highly durable material resistant to heat and other kitchen elements. However, due to its porous nature, it is not invulnerable to staining and may incur damage upon high impact.


Quartz is multiple times harder than Granite, making it nearly indestructible. Furthermore, since it is not porous like Granite, it is resistant to stains and bacteria. However, always use heating pads since Quartz is not heat resistant and may incur damage from excessive heat.


Both Granite and Quartz have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Granite is economical, appealing, and heat resistant. On the other hand, Quartz is low-maintenance, stain and bacterial-resistant, and allows customization.

Ultimately, the best one for your kitchen or bathroom depends on personal preference and budget. At Orlando Stone World, we are home to Granite and Quartz countertops. We provide high-quality materials and installation services at competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more!

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