Quartz Countertops for an Easy to Clean Kitchen

Quartz Countertops in OrlandoQuartz countertops, due to their non-porous surface, are easy to clean and therefore require low maintenance. These are widely used in kitchens worldwide. Their antimicrobial nature and design friendliness make them an easy favorite for everyone.

If you are still struggling to make a decision on whether you should get quartz countertops for your kitchen or not, you should know more about what makes the quartz material special.

Here are some unique features of quartz countertops:

  • Great Looks: Because of their natural luster, they look nice wherever installed. They have three-dimensional appearance much like other natural stones.
  • Hardness: The countertops are great for working and is said to be composed of various minerals and have 33% of inorganic binding resins while the other 66% are made of organic minerals.
  • Installation: The quartz countertops installation is fairly easy and also leaves less waste around. For installation, they are comparable to granite due to their structure. Despite being simple to install, it is still highly recommended for you to call on professionals to prevent any wastage or improper installation procedures and mistakes.
  • Easy to Keep Tidy and Clean: One can simply use water mixed with vinegar to clean the surface of quartz countertops. Use a clean cloth to dry it off afterwards. It is not advised for one to use strong chemicals for cleaning. Prolonged heat exposure must be avoided as well.

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