Preparing Your Kitchen For Granite Countertop Installation

Granite Countertop Installation in Orlando FL When it comes to refurbishing your kitchen your job as an owner of the house is more than just selecting the material. ​​

The granite countertop installation requires your attention. In most of the cases, contractors inform homeowners of the installation process and ask to take a few precautionary measures. Keeping the precautionary measures in mind you can ensure smooth installation of granite countertops.

Here are some of the things you need to do:

  1. Finish Every Pending Task: If you are refurbishing your home or kitchen there might be some pending tasks like plumbing, cabinetry and more. Get these tasks completed the countertop installation for smooth countertops. There shouldn’t be anything moving between the templating and installation otherwise measurement of the countertop may go wrong.
  2. Set Aside Time For Templating: You should be there when contractor measures the countertops for granite slabs. Make sure you get all the area measured including corners, sides, outlets etc. Also, inform the contractor of any cutouts you would like to have for appliances such as drop-in sinks and cooktops. Be as specific as you can.
  3. The Installation: After having taken the measurement, the contractor will cut the stone as per the measurement and will install the countertop in the kitchen. Remember, you will have to be present at the time of installation. The installation would take anywhere from two to six hours.​You will have to clear everything from the countertop before the Orlando granite contractors start installing the granite slab. The granite once installed will be ready to use. However, as a precaution don’t try to roughly handle it. Give it some time to rest and settle.

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