Office Granite Countertops: Why Granite is the Perfect Choice

Granite is fast becoming the material of choice when it comes to countertops in the office, and the primary reason is quite clear: granite offers durability and elegance at the same time. If you’re considering office granite countertops, then you are certainly making a great decision.

This material can be used on work desks, executive and conference tables, reception counters, office pantries and kitchens, and a whole lot more. While wood might still grab the top spot as the most popular material used for office furniture, granite is definitely catching up. Here are only some of the many reasons why you should get office granite countertops.

1. Granite exudes class and elegance.
Granite looks classy and elegant, and yes, it looks pretty expensive. When you have a client visiting your office, your furniture will surely create an impression. When tops are made of granite, then you can be confident that’s going to make a good impression on your client.

2. The beauty of granite may help improve work performance.
Business owners and employees work better when they are surrounded by beautiful things. This is exactly the reason many companies today spend tons of money just to make their office look extra nice. If you want to see a lot of improvement on your employees’ performance and productivity, make their workplace look very pretty with these office granite countertops.

3. No more white water circles on wooden tables.
Water stains on wooden tables are unavoidable. You can’t simply keep your eyes on each individual in the office to make sure they use coasters or never spill their beverages on their desks. This wouldn’t be an issue at all if your have granite tops in the office.

4. Granite is extremely durable.
If knives won’t easily scratch them in the kitchen, then you can expect granite countertops to last long in the office. After all, you probably won’t be working with a whole lot of sharp things in your workplace.

5. Granite countertops are easy to maintain.
Some granite tops may require resealing every year or two but some would last a lifetime with very little maintenance required. Just wipe dirt off with a clean rag and you would see no staining or discoloration through time. There are even some cleaning solutions available on the market that can gradually seal granite countertops with every wipe.

If you decide to get countertops made of granite for your office, Stone World would be the ideal contractor to help you out. We service all of Orlando and surrounding areas, with a promise of exceptional workmanship and top quality materials. For a free estimate, give us a call at 407-341-4688.