Most Popular Granite Colors

Most Popular Granite ColorsAre you planning to install new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom? Granite countertops are in-demand because of its durability and elegant beauty. There are plenty of colors to choose from but today, we will be diving deeper into the most popular granite colors.

Before choosing the countertop color, there are several factors you may want to take into consideration including:

Kitchen or bathroom theme or style – Although granite colors are easy to match with almost everything, you still have to consider the current theme or style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Granite cost – Your budget may also affect the color you will be choosing. Generally speaking, blue, purple, and red granite are some of the most expensive granite colors.

Color availability – Not all shades of granite are easily available or accessible. Unless you’re willing to wait until the exact color you prefer becomes available, you might have to consider other colors.

Granite pattern – There are also different granite patterns and tones you may choose from. The most common ones are neutral tones, matte finish granite, and granite with veiny patterns similar to marble.

As for the most popular granite colors, shades of white, brown, black, and blue are some of the top choices among homeowners. More often than not, homeowners prefer matching granite colors for all countertops. For instance, in the kitchen, the countertops and kitchen island have matching colors for granite. The bathroom usually has the same color of granite for countertops and vanities. You can, however, play around with the color choices or combinations if you have something else in mind.

If you can’t find any granite color that matches your taste, you may want to take into consideration quartz countertops. Since quartz is engineered stone, it can be made into practically every color you can imagine. It also has similar advantages and features when compared with granite.

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