Most Durable Bathroom Vanity In Orlando

Most Durable Bathroom Vanity In OrlandoIs it time to upgrade your bathroom? Or are you putting the final touches to your new home’s bathroom? If yes, your bathroom vanity is an excellent place to start. These essential components provide the much-needed storage space for your various items, such as makeup and jewelry.

But vanities also transform a regular bathroom into a sleek, classical, and stylish space. However, apart from looks, you also want something that will last and serve you for many years. Here, we briefly discuss the most durable bathroom vanity in Orlando.

Granite Bathroom Vanity Top

​Granite is one of the most popular bathroom vanity materials in Orlando. First, this natural stone is stylish, offering a classic look to any bathroom. It has unique color patterns that only a stone can offer.

Apart from looks, granite is strong and durable. It resists cracking and chipping and remains pristine for many years. Additionally, it is heat and scratch-resistant, making it perfect for busy bathrooms.

However, granite can be porous, especially in wet environments like your bathroom. That means it will need regular maintenance, most probably once per year. Other than that, a granite bathroom vanity top will last you for many years.

Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top

Quartz is another durable bathroom vanity in Orlando. This engineered stone comes from crushed quartz bonded with resin to form a slab that’s easy to shape and customize. It has a glossy finish and comes with various patterns that imitate other natural stones.

Quartz forms an elegant-looking bathroom vanity top that’s highly durable. It is highly resistant to water thanks to its non-porous surface. That means it will repel liquids, making it perfect for your bathrooms.

Additionally, quartz bathroom vanity requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best. And without any heat in the bathroom, you can expect it to serve you for years.

Marble Bathroom Vanity Top

The last option for a durable bathroom vanity in Orlando is marble. Like other natural stones, marble provides unparalleled beauty, adding an elegant touch to your bathroom. It also has a timeless feel that will never go out of fashion.

While marble demands more maintenance, it is highly durable and can serve you for many years with proper care. When sealed properly, it can resist scratches and stains. However, it is a porous material that can easily absorb liquids and needs resealing regularly.  (1)

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