Marble Countertops Advantages

Marble Countertops OrlandoNowadays, when it comes to bathroom and kitchen countertops, popular choices always include granite and quartz. However, there are still homeowners who love the classic and elegant look of marble. If you’re looking into remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your home, you might as well know more about marble countertops advantages so you can come up with a better decision.

Truth be told, a lot of people don’t consider marble for their new countertops altogether because of some of its disadvantages. For instance, while you can’t really feel it with bare hands, marble is a softer and less durable stone compared to granite or quartz. It is not scratch or stain-resistant, too. This means that marble is a little more high-maintenance compared to other stone types.

However, marble countertops advantages are simply hard to resist, which makes many homeowners still consider these for their home. Among these advantages are the following:

  • Cost: Sure, there are expensive types of marble, but there are also ones that you can get for very friendly prices!
  • Availability: Marble is widely available. Most stone fabricators and suppliers offer high-quality marble material and it is almost never hard to find!
  • Naturally Cool: Since marble is naturally cool, it is a top choice especially for bakers and chefs who work on pastries a lot. However, since it is cool, it doesn’t conduct heat well, which can be considered a disadvantage when you use it in the kitchen.
  • Timeless Beauty: Marble is simply beautiful. Its elegance is timeless and classic.

Yes, there are some disadvantages to choosing marble countertops; however, its beauty still makes it every inch worth the extra effort for maintenance. If you’re interested in getting marble countertops Orlando for your home, Stone World can help you. We offer services in Sanford, Windermere, Ocoee, Lake Mary, Clermont, and nearby areas. Call us today at 407-341-4688 to get a free quote!