Marble CountertopMarble is a metamorphic rock which comprises crystalized limestone. They have a lavish surface which makes it sophisticated and warmth. It has different color variations available with a variety of shades like green, pink, cream, white and black.  Marbles are becoming a preferred choice for home owners for their kitchen and bathroom countertops.

A good marble countertop can be used as slabs or tiles. Slabs are mostly seamless and solid. Hence, if you want an arched or curved countertop then a seam is needed. You can choose tiles if marble slabs are expensive than granite countertops.

Marble countertops can stay long way if they are given proper care. You should wipe up any spills from marble countertops immediately and should use cutting boards to cut any food on your countertop. They are vulnerable to etching and you should not be using vinegar or any chemical to wipe the counter.  Though marble countertops are not most durable, but their smooth and cool surface makes them best for the countertops.

It is good to use a protective shield under items like glasses or cans.  You should use soft cloth to clean marble surface. The best cleaning agent for marble is a hot water mixed with a special formula cleaner. You can also use a mild soap with a sponge to clean. You should avoid keeping any toiletry products on marble countertop because they may etch the marble.  Always use decorative tray if you want these to keep them in display.

It is definitely a beautiful natural stone which can make your kitchen luxurious. Marble attracts to people who wants to be unique as it becomes graceful over time.  They can be used in your kitchen or in bathroom as a style statement.

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