Marble Countertop Cleaning Tips

Marble Countertop in Orlando, FLMarble countertops are truly beautiful. Especially when you properly maintain them, you can expect its class and elegance to last for years and even decades. Ideally, marble countertops are cleaned simply with a clean rag and some warm water. However, there are times when stains and dirt are just too challenging to get rid of. For a more thorough job, here are some marble countertop cleaning tips.

Gather the cleaning tools and materials you need including water, mild soap or dish soap, and a gentle cloth or microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasive and rough scrubs and cleaners to avoid scratching the marble and removing its sealant.

Take note of the following marble countertop cleaning tips:

  • Warm water is preferred when cleaning marble. Combine this with mild soap.
  • Wipe off the dirt and use a dry microfiber rag to make it look shiny.
  • When dealing with stains, you can use stain solutions or a mixture of baking soda with water or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Perform a spot test when using any kind of stain solution. This is to ensure that it won’t affect the color of the countertop.

Although marble is very durable, sealing marble countertops is also very important. This makes cleaning so much easier. Marble sealing will also protect your countertops from scratches and etches. Depending on the sealant used, marble sealing is done every few months or years.

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