Kitchen RenovationKitchen is a big part of every modern household. We all are passionate about kitchen and bath design, and most of all we love seeing how the design process enhances our lifestyle.

Whenever renovating, place the sink first. We engage the sink the most out of any of the fixtures in our kitchen, so it needs to be placed for maximum utility. It never works when you don’t have a prep space nearby, so don’t put it directly next to another appliance, if possible. Laminate is one of the more affordable options for kitchen countertops. It is stain and heat resistant but can scratch and chip.

Requires minimal maintenance. Most countertops require some sort of periodic sealing or treatment. Soapstone requires regular coats of mineral oil which can deepen the color over time. For countertops use material having hard-wearing surface. Surfaces and durability are things we bring up a lot. We absolutely love natural materials, but if there is heavy use, we lean toward materials providing a higher level of durability. Quartz Countertops are one choice. Skip the sealing and scrubbing. Quartz-surfacing countertops require less upkeep and offer timeless appeal.

Use pull-put cabinets instead of regular cabinets. The issue with doors is when you open a cabinet with a door on it, you have shelving, and you can reach the first thing but everything behind it is impossible to get at. Say no to soft fits if you want to expand storage. Extend wall cabinets to the ceiling and improve accessibility of those higher shelves with lift-up doors.

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