Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Orlando Kitchen CountertopCountertops and kitchen islands are very useful, in fact, they’re essential in every kitchen. However, they take up a lot of space too, but you can’t do without them, right? Of course, you need countertops so you have space to prepare ingredients and meals for your family. To make the most out of the space they consume, here are some kitchen countertop organization ideas you can keep in mind.

1. Make Use of Floating Space

The floating space above your countertops usually remains useless and so many homeowners build shelves and cabinets above their countertops. Aside from added storage space, these also keep some kitchen essentials within easy reach.

2. Hang What You Can

Using iron rods and hooks, or you can be creative when you do this – just hang what you can. From pots and pans to utensils, pitchers, and more, use all of the space above your countertops by hanging items you use quite often in the kitchen.

3. Multi-Tier Racks and Shelves

Instead of just one or a few trays where condiments, utensils, and other items are stuffed, you can use multi-tier racks and shelves instead. This allows you to keep your items within your vision so it’s easy to find them when you need to use them.

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

4. Drying Rack Above the Sink

Most of us use dish dryers but sometimes, we use some utensils more often than others, so waiting for the dish dryer to get its work done wouldn’t be very efficient. If you keep a drying rack in the kitchen, instead of placing them directly on top of the countertops, hang it above the sink instead. This also makes cleaning so much easier since excess water from the utensils drips directly into the sink.

5. Lazy Susan Racks or Trays

Lazy Susans are not only great for dining tables, but they’re also useful for racks and trays in the kitchen. Even better, you won’t have a hard time reaching for items that you kept on the other side of the shelf.

6. Strategic Use of Cabinets and Open Shelves

Last but definitely not the least, you be strategic when choosing between items you want to keep in open shelves and racks and those you want to hide in cabinets. Naturally, those that are out in the open can accumulate dust and dirt over time especially if you rarely use them. Rule of thumb would simply be to keep those you use every day out in the open.

Hopefully, these kitchen countertop organization ideas were able to help you out. For luxurious and durable countertops Orlando for your kitchen or bathroom, Stone World is the company to call. We have granite, marble, quartz, and other materials for countertops. Our services are available in Orlando, Winter Park, Longwood, Maitland, and surrounding areas. Call us at 407-341-4688 to get a free estimate.