Kitchen RemodellingWe all are passionate about kitchen and bath design, and most of all we love seeing how the design process enhances our lifestyle. When planning your kitchen design, there are many aspects and details to consider. One of the main choices is your countertop and it’s important to know the different materials available. The trendy kitchen is always what we all want. Trends come and go. Keep that in mind before splurging on something like a Marble countertop.

Laminate is one of the more affordable options for kitchen countertops. It is stain and heat resistant but can scratch and chip. Requires minimal maintenance. Most countertops require some sort of periodic sealing or treatment. Soapstone requires regular coats of mineral oil which can deepen the color over time. Most non-natural stone countertops require little to no maintenance. Usually just regular cleaning with mild soap and water are enough. All spills should be cleaned up immediately, no matter which material you choose.

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting task. It’s especially difficult to get all that want out of you kitchen if you have in a small kitchen. With more and more urban development, downsizing and economical houses, the need for efficient design is greater than ever. When designing your kitchen, make use of all your space by using blind corner shelves, filler pull-outs and toe kick drawers. These give you access to all the nooks and corners that are usually neglected or seen as dead space.

Many of us think that there are lower and upper cabinets and that is all that is available. If you have higher ceilings, there is an area of free space that you can utilize as storage and display. One tip to maximizing your small kitchen is to find multi-functioning elements. Keep your colors bright and reflective and your small kitchen may not feel so small. For a modern look, try painted cabinets with a gloss finish or glass back splash tiles.

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