Is Marble Best for a Bathroom?


Marble is an excellent material because it increases your home’s value. It offers a timeless, classic look that remains popular despite changing trends. However, depending on your household members and their tidiness, marble may not fit in your bathroom. Discover below whether to scout for reliable Orlando marble bathroom installations or if you’ll need a different material.

When is Marble a Great Choice for Your Bathroom?

Marble may be the best choice for your bathroom if you can maintain it well. Typically, marble requires sealing biannually or yearly. You must also use gentle cleaning ingredients as acid-based cleaners etch the surface, lowering its durability and appeal.

This material is favorable for low-traffic bathrooms. Marble is more suitable for adult-only households than those with small children due to their higher likelihood of cleanliness.

Depending on your objectives, knowing the colors to pick for your Orlando bathroom remodeling or renovation project is crucial. For instance, darker marble hides blemishes better than lighter hues. Meanwhile, pairing light marble walls with a dark floor can make a tiny bathroom feel larger.

Using monochrome marble makes your space minimalistic yet highly stylized. However, if you’d like to enhance interest, mix colors, use marble mosaics, or introduce artwork and accessories to your bathroom.

Adding interest is especially necessary for large bathrooms, which may benefit more from contrasting marble sizes over colors.

Downsides of Marble in a Bathroom

Marble is more porous than natural stone alternatives like granite and quartz. Therefore, it absorbs liquids faster and stains quicker if you don’t find a competent Orlando company to seal it.

Urine is amongst the top liquids that’ll damage your marble bathroom. It comes out as an acid that etches and discolored the surface. If left for long periods, urine dries into a crystalline alkali that continues destroying marble.

Although tough, marble is also among the softer natural stone flooring materials, so it’s more likely to get scratches and chips.

Additionally, marble is slippery and may result in accidents if you don’t keep your bathroom dry. Consider using honed marble, which is matte, less slippery, and more stain-resistant.

Want Marble Bathroom Installation in Central Florida?

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, elegant look in a marble bathroom. Seal your bathroom floors and walls once or twice yearly to boost protection against spills. Darker colors and more stain-resistant options like honed marble can better handle blemishes.

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