Increase Kitchen Storage Space

Kitchen Storage Space OrlandoCluttered kitchens could be such a stressful environment. Anyone who loves cooking or working around the kitchen know very well how disorganization is such a hassle. One of the reasons that a kitchen remains messy or cluttered is lack of storage space. Even if you clean up all the time, it just doesn’t look very good at all. Thankfully, there are many ways to increase kitchen storage space.

In many cases, homeowners would opt for a full kitchen remodel so they can maximize the area they have for their kitchen. However, this isn’t necessary when your kitchen is still new and the features are still well maintained. Perhaps you just need some new features or some changes here and there. Here are some tips you can check out:

Remove clutter – There are plenty of decluttering tips and even TV shows you will find these days. In fact, decluttering seems to be a trend among many homeowners right now. Here’s one quick and simple tip if you want more storage space – remove the clutter first. Do a self-check – do you really need all those things in your kitchen? Choose the things you need to keep and those that you can already start letting go.

Shelves and boxes – Yes, building new cabinets and drawers could be pricey so if you’re on a budget, consider boxes and shelves instead. Put the things you rarely use in a box, label it, and place it in the attic or garage. This will free up a lot of space in your kitchen. You can also install floating shelves. Make use of overhead space in the kitchen for storage.

Customized countertops and kitchen islands – Kitchen countertops and kitchen islands are very useful and you absolutely need them in the kitchen. However, they can take up a lot of space. So make sure they’re customized so they can be used as storage space also.

Stone World can help you out when you need a full kitchen remodel. We also offer customization of kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, and more. You can choose from granite, quartz, and other great materials for your kitchen. Best of all, we make sure we use the best quality materials at reasonable prices. Our services are available in Maitland, Orlando, Winter Park, Longwood, and nearby areas. Call 407-341-4688 for a free quote.