Importance of Granite Sealing

Granite Sealing Winter ParkDespite such advanced technologies and high-quality stone products, there are still some countertops that require granite sealing every few years or so. Some property owners who take this process for granted end up regretting it. Granite countertops are not cheap. Without proper maintenance, there might be a need for it to be replaced sooner or later, which will, of course, be more costly.

Contrary to popular belief that it’s almost impossible to stain granite, even juices or wine can easily damage this kind of stone material. Depending on the quality of the initial sealant used for your countertops or the overall quality of the granite, the frequency of granite sealing varies. While some may require this every couple of years or so, others can go for as long as five years or even 15 years before sealing may be necessary.

Granite sealing is important so that damage from natural wear and tear, as well as other possible defects. It is true that granite is very durable. In fact, it would last over the years without cracking. You can even place hot pans and pots directly over it and you won’t have to worry about damage. However, without proper sealing, the following can happen to your granite countertops:

  1. Etches and scratches
  2. Damage from toxic cleaning aids
  3. Liquid damage from juices, wines, and more
  4. Grease stains

Countertops made of granite are best sealed as necessary because of the following:

  • Sealed granite is more hygienic. It won’t absorb bacteria and other germs within crevices and cracks.
  • Granite tops that are sealed are easier to clean.
  • You need to worry less about the possible damages stated above with proper granite sealing.

While there are granite sealing products you can get off the market, it is still highly recommended to call experts to do the job for you. Improper sealing may only cause inefficiency or worse, it may damage your granite countertops permanently.

If you are in Orlando, Maitland, Longwood, Winter Park, and nearby cities, Stone World can help you out with granite sealing. We also install granite countertops, vanities, table tops and more. Our services are offered by highly experienced professionals who have done countless granite sealing jobs over the years. Just give us a call at 407-341-4688 for a free estimate.