How Long From Template to Install for Quartz Countertops in Orlando

quartz-kitchen-coutertops_origQuartz countertop installations can take about three to seven days, depending on the quality of the tools used. This is the time taken from taking the template to installation. 

Quartz countertops are human-made products usually made by mixing natural quartz and minerals with chemical resins and pigments. People are encouraged to install quartz countertops because they have unlimited colors and designs, are maintenance-free, are durable, and their resale value is high.

The Installation Process

Here’s how to install Quartz Countertops from templates:

Space Preparation

If you choose a team dealing with quartz countertops in your region, experts will start the quartz installation by preparing the space. It is a significant step since it initiates the process and reduces the wastage of materials and resources. 

Space preparation could include the flooring needs to be completed, paintings around the wall to be dry, all plumbing and electrical works to be finished, and sufficient light.  

Dry Fitting the Quartz Slab to Ensure it Fits

After space preparation, the unprepared quartz slab must be put on the surface, which requires to be enclosed with a quartz countertop slab to ensure the slab has similar measurements. Pre-installing gives an idea about the adjustments to the quartz slab. 

Precise Cut Lines are Marked on the Slab

The countertop surface should be enclosed with a quartz countertop slab with edges and bends that aren’t similar to the countertop quartz slab. Hence, the slab must be cut accurately to fit perfectly.

Application of the Adhesion and Placement on the Surface

Countertops are placed next to the sink in a kitchen for the best outcome. The sink will be shifted before installing the quartz countertop slab on the surface. After moving the sink, a silicone adhesive is applied to the countertop slab before installing it on the surface. 

The pressure ensures a sufficient bond between the countertop surface and the slab.

Visible Joint Sealed

Having hired a team of professionals to install your quartz countertop, go the extra mile to seal the visible joints using standard sealants. 

Sealing the joints helps the top look better and filled, with all water entry points closed, preventing water accessibility and improving the operational life of the quartz countertop. 

Our Commitment

At Orlando Stone World, we recognize that your home is your palace. So when we install quartz countertops or whatever you wish for your home, we ensure everything is done perfectly.

Our process is well-refined to boost the outcome to what you exactly desire. We have a broad range of products to best suit your tastes and preferences. We interact with our clients closely throughout the entire project to ensure the installation of the countertops you envisioned. Hence, we will have exceeded your expectations when the job is done.