Honed Granite

Honed GraniteEverybody is familiar with polished granite, the type of granite that has a smooth and shiny finish. There is however a second type of granite which is honed granite. Honed granite is also smooth but with a more matte appearance. Polished granite is reflective while honed granite is without reflection.

As honed granite is more of the less popular option compared to polished granite, using it for your kitchen can help make it more unique and different. There is a very high demand for granite stone in the market not only because it is the cheaper alternative to marble but also because it is heat and stain resistant. Plus, when granite is maintained well it can last a life time. However, shiny and reflective polished granite may not be for everyone this is why honed granite is a good alternative.

Honed granite countertops have the same durability and features as polished granite but may need a little more care. Polished granite needs to be sealed once a year but honed granite needs to be re-sealed every few months. As there is an absence of the glossy finish in the honed granite, it is easier to notice natural imperfections. It also makes it more susceptible to watermarks and fingerprints.

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