Gray Granite Countertops

Gray Granite CountertopsGranite is one of the most used natural stone for countertops. It comes in a variety of colors giving homeowners the freedom to go crazy with their design and color combination ideas. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, gray granite countertops has become a household favorite especially those with designs which are categorized as contemporary.

Why? Because gray granite countertops have the ability to turn a simple setting into something sophisticated, while it can also be used portray a supporting role when you want a different focal point to be emphasized. It’s a great way to turn any room from plain into elegant.  Let’s not forget that apart from the aesthetics, granite is a very durable material. It is mostly stain resistant and can last a lifetime if maintained well.

The thing about gray granite though is that it’s not just gray. Gray granite actually comes in different variations from combinations of pink, to blue, to black and more. It even comes in both light and dark colors. It can go with just about anything from light to dark wood and even with glass features. We have noticed though that pairing gray granite countertops with white or light colored cabinetry is where they shine the most.

At Stone World, we have years in experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling which include granite installation. Our continued presence in the industry has allowed us to become one of the leading kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in Kissimee, Mount Dora, St. Cloud, Apopka and other Orlando surrounding areas. We have built strong relationships with our clients based on commitment, respect and quality service.

So if you are from around the area and you think that gray granite countertops would be a good fit for your home and wish for it to be installed in your bathroom or kitchen, please contact Stone World. If you feel you need to check other shades of granite before deciding on which one is best, please give us a call. Our staff would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding granite or any related concerns. Call 407-341-4688 today!