Granite Stone

Granite StoneGranite is the most recognized igneous rock. It is very well-known because it is encountered by everyone in everyday objects. One of the most common among its uses is sinks. For thousands of years, it has been the go-to material of most households. Although there has been a decline in the use of granite in kitchen sinks, it is far from obsolete. You can ask our satisfied clients from Orlando to attest to that!

Granite is particularly durable. This is one of the reasons why granite-sink owners love it so much. In order to mold granite sinks, it goes through a process where the materials is put under high pressure leading it to become high-density. This is what gives it its strong durability and its resistance to heat and scratches. Yes, granite sinks are resistant to scratches, dents and chips! And if that isn’t enough for you, it is also less likely to fade, have stains or hard water spots.

At Stone World, we recommend granite stones not only because it is extremely durable but also because it is affordable. For house owners who wish to use natural stones for their kitchen sinks but don’t want to splurge on marble, granite sinks is the way to go. If you wish to know more about granite sinks or if you have any questions about other natural stones, please give us a call. Our team would be delighted to address all your concerns.

If you have noticed, granite is readily available in stores but as it is very heavy, it requires extra support in its installation. So, it is highly recommended to seek professional help in installing granite sinks. Plus, you can ask them to help you pick the right kind of granite for your needs. Granite sinks comes in dozens of colors and you will be given a choice between polished or matte finish. If you are in the Winter Park or surrounding Orlando areas and you are in need of assistance in making the correct choice for your kitchen please don’t hesitate to contact Stone World at 407-341-4688.