Granite: Nature’s Perfect Countertop Surface

Granite Countertop OrlandoSome people are under the impression that granite countertops fall under the category of manufactured stone countertops. While it is true to some extent, granite tops are mainly natural stone. The forces of nature are responsible for making granite countertops as durable and attractive as they are. Granite is formed in layers of igneous rock that is found in mountains and plains all over the world. There are only a few spots around the world that produce the high quality of granite that’s used to make countertops.

Natural granite is formed when the magma found below the earth’s surface slowly starts to crystalize. Granite is composed of mostly feldspar and quartz but has other crystals such as mica and amphiboles present in it too. You might say the granite found in people’s kitchen and bath countertops are offspring of what was once molten lava. The minerals found in granite give it the traditional pink, red, grey, white or black color it usually has. Blues, greens, gold and other colors are sometimes found in granite too in less dominating fashion than the previous colors mentioned.

Other uses for granite include making tombstones, statues, monuments and they are even used as pavers sometimes too.

One of the Most Durable Natural Stones

Because granite is formed from the slow crystallization of super-heated lava it gives it a very strong bond. That’s why granite is such a durable countertop material. Since the finished state of granite requires constant pressure over thousands of years it’s a very dense rock material. It actually rivals the hardness of diamonds.

Because of its durability granite has literally “carved out” its place in history. Ancient Egyptians carved many hieroglyphics on granite and even the 10 commandments were etched onto granite slabs too. Mount Rushmore’s location was chosen because of its large granite composition in the rock found there.

Slabs of granite are so heavy once quarried that ancient culture’s that harvested the rock had to use logs as rollers to transport it over long distances.

Modern Day Granite Countertops

For years only the rich and famous could afford granite countertops. Even as late as the 1980’s granite countertops were associated with wealth and most kitchen counters were still being made using not so durable laminate materials. All that changed in the 1990’s when the technology to mass produce granite slabs became readily available.

Countertops were a natural fit for granite. Whereas laminate counter tops could be easily scratched using just a dull knife, granite was a material that was nearly scratch proof unless a person went to an extreme effort to do it. Now granite is used in countertops in a wide variety of different types of homes in all different price ranges.

If you are thinking about using granite countertops on your new or remodeled kitchen or bath, you must know that it’s truly a great choice. It will improve the look of any type of counter and last the life of most homes too. Stone World is the best company to call if you have any questions or concerns regarding granite countertops. If you live in the Orlando area, Windermere, Groveland, Titusville, Oakland and other surrounding areas, we are available to come to your property to help you out. Call us at 407-341-4688 for a free estimate