Give Your Home a Vintage Look with Honed Granite

Honed Granite, Orlando, FLGranite has proven to be the best fit for any home for its durability and class which help enhance the overall appearance of a house. People planning to renovate their home often opt for granite countertops and vanities because of its elegant appeal. There are various types of granite finishes to choose from especially when it comes to redecorating the interior of the house. Honed granite is one of the types of granite finishes that is popularly being adopted by homeowners. The honed granite is basically granite with a flat matte finish. This type of granite has less shine compared to the usual and gives a home a casual look.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of advantages of honed granite:

1. Color Option: The usual granite finishes come in limited color options. Honed granite, however, comes with the option to enhance its color by using color enhancer. You can enhance the color of the honed granite to match with the overall interior style of your house.

2. Hides Defect and Scratches: It is easy to spot defects and scratches on shiny surface. The surface of the honed granite conceives the defects and scratches making them less visible.

3. Smooth And Velvety To Touch: The surface of the honed granite is not glossy; it is smooth and velvety to touch. The texture of the honed granite can give your house a vintage look.

4. Durable Surface and Minimal Care: The surface of the honed granite requires minimal maintenance. You can use a simple blade or a regular knife to scratch out any tough stain. Regular cleaning of honed granite surface involves wiping with a damp piece of cloth and drying with a dry cloth or towel to prevent any water spots.

If you are looking to refurbish your house and want to try something different than the ordinary shinny granites, you should try honed granite. Stone World is a certified fabricator and installer of granite countertops. We have all the skills and equipment to make any ordinary kitchen look modern Orlando, FL. Call us today at (407) 341-4688 for best granite countertop deals