Decorating FireplaceThe crackle of a fireplace makes your home warm and comfortable.  It gives you relief from cold weather and is very useful in providing a nurturing family environment.  All of your guests are naturally drawn near to the fireplace when they come in, as it is a place of attraction for everyone coming to your home. As such, it should be well decorated and eye-catching.

Once the winter is over the fireplace and its chimney gets filled with dust particles. So, before planning to decorate, you need to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Decorating the fireplace is an easy way to build a big attraction and to make your home space look grand. For example, you can place designed candles around it to give romantic look on your date night. You can also decorate it with store books or flower vases.

marble fireplace adds a lot of value and beauty to your living space.  You can use colorful marbles to make it look more attractive. You can decorate the fireplace with holiday themes like Christmas or Halloween, or with colorful lights.  You can place beautiful flowers, add a fancy door, fill it with colorful logs, or place your photo memories around it. You can also get a customized fireplace cover which can also add elegance and beauty.

You can also place retractable shelves on the hearth and use it as book library. Coloring the hearth is also a good option, as it is better to color the hearth the same shade as the flooring to make it look more beautiful, and to bring the color scheme together.

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