Cultured Marble Vanity TopYour bathroom vanity top always catches the sight of visitors. It expresses your classy choice and modern taste.  It adds an elegant look to your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity top, joined with a magnificent sink, plays an important role in the beauty of your bathroom. If you are given an option to select the material for your bathroom vanity tops, the most preferred choice will be marble or granite.

A cultured marble is made by the combination of resins and stone particles which are mixed together with pigments to make different colors and patterns. They are cast in molds to make utilities like sinks, bathtubs, and countertops. As they are cast, there will be many options available in terms of shape, size and varieties.

There are many reasons for choosing cultured marble countertops over any other vanity top material.  Due to their natural and stylish look, they attract you and guests’ attention very quickly. Marbles will require less maintenance as compared to other materials like granite or quartz. They are low in price and are readily available in the market.  You can customize cultured marble tops depending on your own preferred choice of color and style.

Cultured marble is less prone to any physical damage and is considered to be a durable material.  They do not absorb staining liquids, and they do not crack easily. They are treated by an extra layer of finishing which helps in creating extra protection and protects it from scratching.

A cultured marble vanity top in your bathroom will last for long time, sometimes for decades or longer if properly maintained.  They are resistant to stains, chipping, and scratches which makes them a perfect choice for your home. Their maintenance is also easy and less costly.  You can clean them easily with a soapy water or an abrasive cleaner.

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