Cleaning Granite CountertopsEven after being little costly, the granite seems to be the first choice of homes for countertops. The beauty of the stone contributes to the grace of even the most kitchen remodel. Granite countertops can absorb stains if not sealed and, in any case, it is important to always properly maintain and do routine cleaning granite countertops to keep their beauty.

When it comes to its maintenance and cleaning, many people assume that it is hard to clean and it can only be cleaned by multi-purpose cleaner available in the market. However, these chemicals contain hard chemicals that can damage the granite’s surface. The most of the people are not aware of the cleaning of surfaces. Even though you purchase the granite cleaner, there are certain ways to maintain the durability and beauty of the countertops.

Once you know how to take care of the granite countertops and the points what to avoid on the surface, cleaning is simple.  You should not use any hard or abrasive sponges, acidic cleaners like lemon or bleach. Excessive use of these chemicals dull the sealant over time, and also it leaves stains on the countertop. You should always ensure that your granite sealing is done with countertop.  When it comes to removing the stain, make sure that the spot didn’t stay on the surface for a longer interval of time. As noticed, the stain when left for hours, damage the granite countertop. Make the habit of wiping down the counters immediately after the spill if you want to clean the granite countertop.

Granite is a wonderful addition to have in your home for re-sale purposes and the proper cleaning of granite countertops means that you will be able to enjoy them for a long time to come.  It’s still a good idea to cleaning granite countertop at least once or twice a week and maybe more if there are children or a lot of people in the home who use them daily.

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