Can Quartz Countertops Burn From Hot Pots?

What's the Difference Between Quartz and Granite kitchen CountertopsThe simple answer is yes! Quartz countertops can burn under hot pots. While quartz is highly heat resistant, it has a threshold for heat that it can withstand. Usually, it can withstand temperatures up to 300° Fahrenheit.

But what happens when a quartz countertop burns, and how can you protect it? Here, we’ll briefly go over what excessive heat does to your countertop and how to prevent it.

What Happens To Quartz Countertops When Exposed to Extreme Heat?

Quartz countertop is an engineered slab made from natural stone quartz crystals held together with polymer resin. During the making process, the slab undergoes curing at about 180° Fahrenheit temperatures, giving it a high resistance to chips, abrasions, stains, and heat. However, the polymer is like glue, and when you place hot pots with temperatures above the 300° threshold, it starts to melt and burn.

A yellow or brown scorch stain will appear on the surface of your quartz countertop. If you leave the hot pot for a prolonged time (a minute or more), the heat can break or crack the slab. Usually, a slight burn can be repaired. However, cracks require the replacement of the entire countertop.

How to Protect Your Quartz Countertop From Hot Pots

While your quartz countertop can resist damage from heat, it’s essential to take precautions. What exactly can you do? Here are some tips:

Use Trivets And Hot Pads

Do not put hot pots directly on your expansive quartz countertop. Instead, invest in trivets or hot pads. These two items work as heat protectors and can resist extremely high temperatures. Place your hot pads on top of the countertop and place your hot pot safely.

Use Coasters When Possible 

While your coffee or tea mug is unlikely to be 300° hot, treating it as though it could damage your quartz countertop is still a great idea. Instead of tempting fate, have a few coasters in your kitchen. They can protect your stone slab from those annoying round, discolored heat marks.

Use The Finest Countertop Materials

Protecting your quartz countertop is fine, but installing a high-quality material can prevent all these heat problems. While all quartz slabs undergo similar making processes, some manufacturers use high-quality ingredients more than others. The final products have better heat resistance than those with subpar material.

Usually, a reputable provider like Orlando Stone World will have high-quality quartz countertops that won’t burn under the slightest heat.

Let Us Install a Durable Quartz Countertop

At Orlando Stone World, we have the finest quartz countertop that will serve you for the foreseeable future. With quality materials and expert installation, you can expect it to grace your kitchen for years. Contact us today for more information and to request an estimate.

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