Can Granite Countertops Be White?

Can Granite CountertopsAre you wondering whether you can get white granite countertops for a kitchen upgrade? Pure white granite countertops do not exist because granite combines minerals.

However, you can still get white granite countertops with shades of other colored minerals. White granite countertops are an excellent option of upgrading your kitchen.

Continue reading for an overview of white granite countertops.

What Makes Granite White?

Typically, granite is composed of quartz and feldspar as the main minerals. The black specs in white granite are called amphibole. So what you get as white granite is a bright off-white or darker off-white granite. The balance of minerals determines the overall color of the granite piece. Pure white granite has at least a small amount of colored minerals.

Types of White Granite Countertops

There are many types of white granite countertops in Orlando. Let’s look at some popular types:

  • Alaska White Granite

Alaska White comes from Brazil and has a dazzling blend of cool and warm colors, including deep onyx, rich cocoa, frosty white, and icy silver.  The design features a slight movement with moderate color, tone, granularity, and pattern variations. Alaska White complements both dark and light cabinets such as brown.

  • Colonial White Granite

Colonial white granite is a vanilla-colored stone with smokey gray patches and rose-colored flakes and features dark black specs. It is an off-white granite with subtle and even-patterning and impressive marks resembling patterns in cream ice cream. It offers a warm look and complements light wooden cabinets.

  • Andromeda White Granite

Andromeda White granite has a light surface contrast with darker colors. It offers an ultra-modern look with a subtle variation from pure white countertops. Andromeda white granite also has beige and white specs and features gray veins, small streaks, and black grain. It is ideal for use in both modern and traditional kitchens in Orlando.

What Are the Benefits of White Granite Countertops?

  • Imposing Outlook

A white granite countertop will bring vibrance and warmth into your kitchen. The varieties of white granite that are ivory, cream, and snow-white will brighten your kitchen, leaving a stylish and luxurious look.  White countertops have specks and variations that make each slab unique.

  • Lights up a Room

White granite countertops brighten your kitchen, making it look spacious and lighter. The light color widens the small kitchen and creates a feeling of freshness and an appealing atmosphere.

  • Compatible With Many Colors

Countertops come in various shades. Therefore, matching every design to suit your aesthetic preference is easy. You can also contrast the white color with black flooring or darker brownish cabinetry.

There are many white granites to choose from when settling on white granite countertops. White granite countertops in Orlando have a stunning appearance and will lighten your room.

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