Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy GraniteOne of the best things about deciding on using granite for your kitchen or bathroom is the wide selection of choices when it comes to the color of the granite you can use. Among these choices is the magnificent black galaxy granite.

The black galaxy granite is a favorite in the Ocoee, Mount Dora and Windermere area. Our clients are usually mesmerized by the black natural stone with golden and white specks. From afar, it usually looks like it is plain black but once you get closer your will be able to see the little speck which gives the illusion of making it look like a galaxy, thus its name.

This variety of granite can be bought in slabs or in tiles allowing you the freedom to be creative in its usage. Although it is available in several types of finishes like honed, flamed or brushed and etc, it is the glossy and polished finish that are most coveted because it is in those finish in which black galaxy granite shine the most.

Being as stunning as it is, the black galaxy granite can be used for interior or exterior projects. We have installed it as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, floors, cladding, and walls and so on. It’s just so satisfying building your own universe in your own home. Plus, the specks are unique in every slab so you know that no one else has the exact same specks pattern as you!

It may not exactly be the cheapest material to be used in your next project but it is worth every penny. Granite is a very durable natural stone that can last a lifetime. Also, black galaxy granite being one of the dark-colored granites is more likely to be stain resistant making it so much easier to manage and maintain. This is why many home owners from Orlando are captivated by the black galaxy granite and this is why we at Stone World highly recommend it.

So if you are as captivated as we are on black galaxy granite and are looking into installing a slab or two in your home please allow us to assist you in your next project. Stone World can be reached through 407-341-4688. Our friendly staff is on standby to address any of your concerns. What are you waiting for? Call us now!