Bathroom Vanity Tops

Bathroom Vanity TopsWhen it comes to remodeling your bathrooms one of the most crucial decisions you have to make is choosing the right bathroom vanity tops that will fit your needs. The vanity countertop is the bathroom’s version of the island in the kitchen. It’s so important to pick the right one because it can essentially make or break the design and feel of your bathroom (or kitchen). But as much as it needs to look good, it also needs to be durable and functional.

Although ceramic tiles and stainless steel are options preferred by some, it is the natural stones that are the best sellers in our experience. At Stone World, our clients consistently favor granite countertops. This stone is known to be not only durable but also to be very elegant and beautiful. They are easy to care for and are stain resistant making it very coveted in households that wish to mix aesthetics and functionality with a relatively affordable price. Many of our clients also love quartz for their bathroom vanity tops. Quartz is the easiest to clean and the easiest to maintain, and is the most resistant to damages and stains. Plus, if you are a sucker for consistency quartz slabs are more likely to look similar as opposed to granite or marble.

But for those households in the Orlando area that wish to have a bathroom fit for royalty, their go-to vanity top material is marble. Marble countertops are the Bugatti of countertops. Every slab of marble is unique so you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind bathroom vanity top. Compared to quartz and granite, marble may be more vulnerable in terms of the possibility of having liquid seep into it or the possibility of stains so be prepared to put in a little extra effort for its maintenance. So it just depends on your priorities and what you most prefer.

​In our experience at Stone World, any of these choices would make good bathroom vanity tops. If you wish to know more about these options or if you have any other queries, please contact us at 407-341-4688. We would be very glad to serve you on your home remodel!