Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Bathroom Remodeling OrlandoThe bathroom is such an important space in any home. It’s a place where you can have the utmost privacy and relaxation. It is just as important to keep beautiful and comfortable all the time. If your bathroom looks outdated or just seems filthy all the time even after a thorough cleaning, then bathroom remodeling might already be necessary.

It’s true that remodeling a bathroom can get expensive, which is why some people put it off for a while. But you deserve a beautiful, functional, and efficient bathroom. After a long day’s work, nothing feels better than a relaxing warm bath in a lovely private space in your home.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling OrlandoIf you plan a bathroom remodel properly, then it won’t be as expensive. It won’t take too much of your time too! Here’s a guide that can definitely help you out.

Look for Bathroom Inspirations: There are so many magazines and websites that feature amazing bathrooms. You can copy their ideas or you can let your imagination work. Create a Pinterest board or an actual dream board for your bathroom design so you can base your design and layout according to those inspirations.

Layout Your Bathroom Design: It gets tempting to get everything you want from your board of bathroom inspirations; however, you only have so much space to work on in your bathroom. Create a layout, choose the designs you want, your color theme, and finalize the layout. Once you have finalized the layout, stick to it. Making so many changes in the process will just confuse you and you may end up spending more.

Choose Bathroom Fixtures and Other Features: From the toilet to the bathtub to the shower to the sink and the doorknob, everything must be picked out in the beginning. Once the bathroom remodeling work has started, it would be challenging to find all these things while the contractor is already in your home.

Reuse What You Can: Unless your bathroom is a century old and everything just doesn’t look good anymore, then you can probably still reuse and salvage some items. If the toilet or the tub is still functional, then keep them.

Carefully Choose Countertop and Wall Materials: While other things around the bathroom are easy to replace over time, there are features that require time, a whole lot of money, and expertise to replace when you decide you don’t like them. For instance, your bathroom countertops, shower walls, bathroom vanity, and other features must be carefully chosen. Among the popular choices are granite countertops and quartz countertops!

Work with a Licensed Contractor: You might have seen some DIY videos online and got inspired to remodel your bathroom; however, you must know that DIY’s are not for everyone – no matter how simple the job seems. Especially with bathroom remodels, it is important to work with a licensed contractor. Not only will they help you in making your dream bathroom into a reality, but they can also assist you with electrical and plumbing needs – these require expertise!

Professional Bathroom Remodeling in Orlando, FL

Make your bathroom look beautiful and brand new again! Stone World is the company to call for your bathroom remodel needs. We offer services in Orlando, Sanford, Deltona, Sanford, Ocoee, Lake Mary, and surrounding communities. Our team of experts is here to assist you and bring your dream bathroom ideas to life. Give us a call at 407-341-4688 to consult with a bathroom remodeling professional and to get a free estimate.

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