Are Marble Countertops Porous?

Are Marble Countertops Porous OrlandoIf you have installed marble countertops in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home you may be wondering are marble countertops porous? This is a great question to answer because the answer greatly impacts the amount of care required to keep your marble countertops stain-free and looking great. Knowing this will also help those looking for new countertops decide if the beauty and durability of marble are worth the investment.

In short, yes, marble countertops are somewhat porous just like all natural stone countertop materials. This does not, however, mean that marble countertops are a bad countertop choice.

Just How Porous are Marble Countertops?

It must be said that marble is among the softest types of natural stone countertops. That also makes it one of the most porous types of natural stone countertop materials. This is a quality that will cause marble countertops to stain and etch much easier than its cousin granite countertops will do.

Some of this susceptibility to etching and staining is offset by marble’s unique look and its lower cost. The surface of a marble countertop is especially vulnerable to spills from acidic beverages and foods such as coffee, tomato sauce, and wine.

Marble Countertop Maintenance

Are marble countertops porous nature a source of concern when it comes to maintaining them? My personal feeling is no. The trick here is cleaning up any spills that occur on Marble countertops as quickly as possible. 

Time is the real enemy, not the fact that even an acidic-based food or beverage has been spilled on your marble countertops. If a spill on a marble countertop is cleaned up immediately, the chances of it seeping deeply into the pores of the countertop surface are very small.

Cleaning marble countertops is easy too and only requires a soapy water mixture on a soft cloth to do the job. It’s important to avoid using cleaning liquids that contain bleach, vinegar, or lemon-based ingredients on marble countertops too. 

Even on the off chance that your marble countertops do get a stain due to their porosity, you can buy a specialty cleaning product that will take care of that stain or have them professionally cleaned.

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Are marble countertops porous? Yes, they are. But that doesn’t take away the fact that this type of material still has plenty of benefits and advantages – they’re easy to clean too. That’s why marble countertops are still some of the most popular choices among homeowners.

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