Are Granite Countertops Going Out of Style?

Are Granite Countertops Going Out of StyleAre granite countertops going out of style? Don’t jump to conclusions here. Just because other styles of countertops are getting more popular does not mean granite countertops are going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, there has been a recent shift back to granite countertops by kitchen designers. The reason for this is people who use granite as their countertop of choice enjoy many benefits.

Over the last several years, one of the most popular types of countertops to install are those made of quartz. So much so, that granite no longer enjoys a wide margin of use over quartz countertops despite its higher cost. Despite this, granite still remains very popular because of the benefits you can get out of it including the following:

Incredible Natural Look

The biggest part of granite’s appeal for many is its looks. It’s a natural stone material that has a nice decorative grain running throughout it. Because its all-natural, that also means that no two pieces will ever look the same. 

Granite also comes in a variety of different colors. This enables kitchen designers to do a lot with it. There are even some granite countertops that look a little unusual and more closely resemble the looks of marble. So you are pretty much guaranteed to have an outstanding looking kitchen if granite countertops are a part of it.


There are many kitchen countertops that people associate with certain looks that are trying to achieve. Take wood for example; most people see it as a type of kitchen countertop that only fits in classic, traditional, or farmhouse style kitchens. That’s certainly not the case with granite. It can be used in a wide variety of kitchen settings. That includes everything from classic style kitchens to ultra-modern ones. 

Many consider it to be among the most versatile kitchen counter styles because of this. This is just another reason why homeowners love having granite countertops and why kitchen designers like working with it too.

It Can Be Cut Into Several Different Shapes

Some people are under the impression that because granite countertops are so dense, they can’t be cut. This is actually beneficial because it means they will not chip or crack as easily as with some other less dense countertop materials. 

You can even trim the edges or make small cuts to fit without worrying about cracking or chipping granite. The one thing you do have to be careful about is the dust that is generated when cutting them can be hazardous to your health. So make sure you wear a mask when doing that task.


One of the main reasons that you never have to ask, ‘are granite countertops going out of style?’, is that people love how durable a countertop material it is. You would pretty much have to take a sledgehammer to it in order to chip or break it. That means it will certainly hold up well for everyday use. 

You can bang it with heavy cast iron pads and ceramic dishes all day long and you will not chip or crack it. It’s even very heat resistant too. You can take a hot pan out of the oven and set it on granite without harming it. You probably do not want to do this if you use a sealant that is affected by heat.

Granite Can Be Repaired

Under very unusual circumstances it’s possible to chip or crack granite countertops. If this should ever happen to you then don’t panic. Granite surfaces can be repaired. 

You will have a hard time finding where the repair was made to your granite countertops if the repair is done right. That’s also why we recommend that if you need to have your granite countertops repaired that you let a professional do the job. This task will be much less than you would expect to pay and in most cases, the work will also be fully guaranteed.

You may call Stone World for your granite repair needs.

Fairly Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest reasons that people say they are not interested in having granite countertops is because it’s porous countertop material. Because of that, it needs to be sealed periodically which is often over a year or more. 

What people do not realize is that granite is only a minimally porous countertop material. That means it does not stain easily and if you keep it sealed, it will also not build up harmful bacteria. 

People also do not realize that the porosity that’s associated with granite countertops is not universal. It’s not uncommon for one granite countertop owner to have to seal their countertop annually and another that only has to do it every five years. That’s why they have developed a test that will help you determine how often you need to seal your granite countertop.

Granite Countertops Offer a High Return on Investment

Whenever the conversation centers around ‘are granite countertops going out of style?’, much of the reason people answer no is that granite countertops are so durable. You may purchase a less expensive countertop thinking you are saving money but after you replace it 3 times, you will have ended up paying more for it because granite is a lifetime countertop material. 

So, granite gives those that purchase it an excellent return on investment. Long after they have been installed, they still appeal to home buyers and others because of its durability and good looks.

The Bottom Line with Granite Countertops

So now that you know it’s true that there has been a slight trend away from granite as the most popular countertop choice; do you still ask, ‘are granite countertops going out of style?’ As you can see that’s hardly the case with all the benefits that installing granite countertops still gives you. 

You can always expect competition because of the many different types of countertop materials that are out there and the inevitable trends in kitchen design that go along with that. For many though, granite countertops will always get strong consideration. So don’t count on granite as a countertop material going away anytime soon.

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